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Sales Management Project Walkthrough

Welcome to my "Sales Management Project Walkthrough", where I have harnessed the capabilities of Power BI and SQL to fulfill a critical business request. An executive sales report tailored for sales managers. This journey unfolds through meticulously defined user stories, SQL-driven data cleaning, and a robust data model, culminating in a Sales Management Dashboard that offers a comprehensive overview and detailed visualizations. Join me as I navigate through the intricacies of data to empower sales management with actionable insights.


Business Demand Overview & User Stories.png


Business Request & User Stories

The business request for this data analyst project was an executive sales report for sales managers. Based on the request that was made by the business, the following user stories were defined to fulfill delivery and ensure that acceptance criteria were maintained throughout the project.


Data Cleaning & Transformation (SQL)

In order to create the necessary data model for doing analysis and fulfilling the business needs to be defined in the user stories, the following tables were extracted using SQL.

One data source (sales budget) was provided in Excel format and was connected to the data model at a later step of the process.

These are the SQL statements for cleaning and transforming necessary data.



Data Model

This is a screenshot of the data model after cleansed and prepared tables were read into Power BI.


This data model also shows how FACT_Budget has been connected to FACT_InternetSales and other necessary DIM tables.


Sales Management Dashboard

The finished sales management dashboard has one page that works as a dashboard and overview, with two other pages focused on combining tables for necessary details and visualizations to show sales over time, per customer and per product.

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